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About House of Sander

The House of Sander story

House of Sander is a Danish, family-owned company established in 1989.
In 2020 the company changed it's name to House of Sander from it's previous name Preform Furniture.
This happened due to a newly developed vision for the company. House of Sander is an innovative company
representing Danish design and good product quality at affordable prices.


Our passion  
We are passionate about creating furniture and interior made from good raw materials, with a design
that complements any decor. Our great love for good craftsmanship shines through our own workshop in Horsens,
where our experienced employees work with most of our oak furniture.

Several of our collections are designed in-house, where the focus is always to create items that reflect on
our values ​​and quality requirements. It is crucial for our company to create new ideas, opportunities,
and solutions that meet our customers' needs and wishes.



Strong relationships

Through 30 years’ worth of experience in the furniture industry, we have built strong relationships with our business partners.
This experience is utilized when expanding our business and creating new products and innovative solutions for our customers.
This enables us to be highly flexible in fulfilling any special requirements our customers may have.
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