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Trade Terms

During every online purchase, the buyer must accept the Trade Terms. The buyer is encouraged to thoroughly read the Trade Terms to understand the commitments and rights stipulated in these.

1 Ownership of goods:
The ownership of goods remains with House of Sander until the entire purchase price has been paid, including any additional costs or interest. The buyer is prohibited from selling, pawning and exercising other powers of disposal until the purchase price has been paid in full.

2 Replacement Pallets:
If the buyer does not provide replacement pallets upon delivery of goods, an additional fee DKK 75 per pallet is added.

3 Special orders and non-stock products
On these orders, there is no right of withdrawal and we reserve the right to establish a minimum order quantity.

4 Sales offers
All sales offers are valid for 30 days, meaning that the offer must be accepted within 30 days from the date specified on the sales offer. In the event of discrepancies in the agreement, on reception of the offer, duty falls on the buyer, to make House of Sander aware of this in writing, in order for the sales offer to be revised. During these 30 days House of Sander is not obligated to reserve the goods.

5 Payment
If the terms of payment are violated three reminders, each with a DKK 100 payment fee, are sent.
If payment has not been completed after the third reminder, the customer is passed on to debt collection.
We credit insure our customers. If this is not possible, we may require prepayment.

6 Right of complaint
The customer is responsible for controlling any delivery as well as informing regarding any defects or omissions as soon as possible and no later than 14 days after delivery.
Additionally, documentation, both written and visual, must be provided via e-mail.

6.1 Complaints regarding transportation damages
If the shipment shows any signs of transportation damage, these must be documented. In such cases the customer MUST reject the shipment or sign with reservations. If not, the Right of Complaint is voided and the buyer is liable.

7 Returns
Goods returns are not accepted unless subject to prior agreement.
Cf. article 3 returns are not accepted for special orders and non-stock products.

8 Force Majeure
No party is liable to the other with regards to circumstances beyond control.
If delivery is delayed or cancelled as a result of force majeure House of Sander is not liable.
House of Sander reserves the right to postpone and partially or completely cancel an order.

Force Majeure includes the following:
Labor conflicts, war, political unrest as well as other external factors beyond control, prohibiting House of Sander in fulfilling delivery obligations.

Deliveries for company addresses are carried out free of charge at a minimum order amount of 2.500 euro. 

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