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1 Data responsible:
House of Sander A/S
Fuglevangsvej 48
8700 Horsens

2 What personal data is stored when doing business with House of Sander?
We gather information on Your company as well as personal contact information, should this be necessary.
As a general rule, You cannot be a customer unless you provide us with the following data:
Company name and CVR number, address, e-mail and phone number.
Additional information is only gathered, should you wish to provide it to us.
*Your consent can be withdrawn at any time.
Should You wish to withdraw your consent, we will delete all information about Your company and employees in our system.

Use of personal information
We only use Your personal data for conducting business with You. By providing us with your personal information, You acknowledge that we share this information with a third party, i.e. a transportation company.
We will not share Your data with parties not involved in the business transaction.

3 Insight into Your stored personal data.
If you need insight concerning Your stored personal data, please use: info@houseofsander.dk
In case we registered wrong information, it is not possible for you to correct it yourself. Please use: info@houseofsander.dk

4 Deletion of personal data
Your personal data is stored for as long as the business partnership is active.
When the business partnership ends Your data is deleted and anonymized.
*You always retain the right to have your personal data deleted. This will also terminate the business partnership.

5 Data portability
You retain the right to have the personal data we gathered on you handed over. In this case please use: info@houseofsander.dk

6 Our role as Data Processor
Since we offer drop shipping as a service, we occasionally share personal data with relevant parties, such as Your own transportation solution or an agreed upon third party logistics company. However, information is only shared in order to fulfil our business transaction.

7 Changes in personal data policy
If significant changes are made to the personal data policy, we will inform you. This information will also be provided on our company website.

Revised May 2018

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