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Oil treatment

Your new table - before using it

The table is pre-oiled with our natural oil in the desired color shade. Therefore, it is important that you apply the included clear oil care
on top of your table before using it. The maintenance oil makes the surface resistant to liquids and grease.

Please remember to oil the ends as well; otherwise, your table may develop cracks in the end grain.
This is especially important for round tables


Guide to Oil Treatment 

1. Lightly sand the table with 220 grit sandpaper.

2. Wear gloves and apply a thin layer of House of Sander oil to the table, using a sponge
to spread the oil along the wood grain. Remember the edges. Let it dry for 10-15 minutes.

3. Reapply the oil that has already been applied using the sponge or a cloth.
The table may absorb differently, so it's important to distribute the oil again.
Let it dry for 10-15 minutes.

4. Finally, wipe off any excess oil from the entire table.The table can be used
after 24 hours and will be fully cured after 2-3 days.

For a new table, we recommend oiling it three times within the first 6 months.
Afterward, oil as needed 1-2 times per year. This will ensure a highly
durable table.


Unsure about which color oil to use?
If you're unsure about which color oil to use, we recommend maintaining your House of Sander plank table with
our oil mixtures. When you use our soy oil mixture, you can be confident that the table will receive the right treatment
and achieve the desired color composition.

Natural oil

If you are satisfied with the table's current color but need to care for it, you can use natural oil.
Natural oil can also restore the original color of your naturally oiled plank table.

White oil

To recreate the white color of your plank table or achieve a brighter white appearance,
you can use our white pigmented oil mixture.

Smoked oil

If you want to recreate the smoked color of your plank table or achieve a darker shade,
you can use our black pigmented oil mixture..

Grey oil

For those who desire a gray color for their plank table or want a higher greyish tone,
our gray-tinted oil blend is the ideal choice.

Mocca oil

To recreate the mocca color of your plank table or achieve a deeper mocca hue,
consider using our mocca oil blend.


If you own a vintage plank table, it's best to care for it using our natural oil.

Regular maintenance with the right oil treatment will ensure the longevity and beauty of your plank table.

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