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Plank Tables

There is hardly a more elegant and stylish solution than having a plank table as a dining table. Both at home, in restaurants and cafés, plank tables are a hit because they exude style, class and quality, while at the same time being extremely durable thanks to the good materials they are made of.

At House of Sander, we are experts in plank tables, and therefore we have put together a large selection of different tabletops. Our plank tables are made of solid oak in different models, sizes and colors, so whether you are looking for a light or dark plank table, you can find it here. On all tables, bumps or repairs can occur, as it gives the table a beautiful and unique patina.

Our plank tables are produced in six different oil rings. Therefore, we can offer white oiled, smoked oiled, natural oiled, vintage oiled, mocca oiled and gray oiled plank tables, which provides a sea of possibilities.

Our plank tables will decorate any home or restaurant. You can mix our nice plank tables with our beautiful bases, so you can get exactly the combination you want.

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