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Desktop 180cm, vintage - FSC

Desktop 180cm, vintage - FSC

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Desk top from our vintage series.

Our vintage series is made from our reclaimed oak. This means that we use the wood that can not be used for its original purpose, but instead of being thrown out, it is used in our beautiful Vintage series.

Therefore, the appearance can also vary, as the wood used for this series has many knobs and structures that give life to the table top.

Item number: 355186

Measurements: H3 x W55 x L180 cm

Color: Vintage

Weight: 18,5 kg

NOTE suspension is sold separately.

  • EAN number
  • Product Measurements
    H3 x W55 x L180 cm
  • Product Weight
    18,5 kg
  • Packing
    1 pcs. pr. colli
  • Package size
    5 x 60 x 190 cm
  • M3 Volume
  • Material
    Reclaimed oak - FSC marked
  • Legs
  • Tariff number
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Prod. no.: 355186
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